Miflow: MERC | Micro Finance Collection Repository by L&T Finance

Miflow : Many humans want a mortgage to begin any sort of business, there are some humans who want the assist of a loan for a quick time, so that they can begin their business. At present, many groups are geared up to supply you loan. L&T Finance is one of these businesses which offers loans in brief time period and lengthy time period throughout the country.

L&T Finance Company is aware of that in today’s time, human beings are preferring to work greater on their personal than on the internet, so the work of their clients ought to be accomplished as quickly as feasible so that the clients sense better, so the employer has launched Miflow Web App, so that you can use Miflow You can login or take your mortgage amount.

MiFlow net portal is in limelight at present, many humans who have horrific monetary circumstance or choose to take mortgage to begin a business, then this portal can be for them. If you prefer to comprehend entire records about Miflow, then this Stay tuned to the article until the stop due to the fact right here we will furnish you with all the juicy small print from Miflow L&T Finance.

What is Miflow Portal

MiFlow net portal is launched by means of L&T Finance which is a internet app which is a portal of a microfinance series repository which we comprehend as MiFlow.

MiFlow net portal gives loans and economic offerings to round 5 lakh Indian. The indispensable monetary service utilized by way of L&T purchasers is brief-term finance moreover acknowledged as microfinance.

The full identify of MiFlow is Microfinance Collection Repository Portal, which we additionally recognize as MERC Portal. L&T Finance offers specific monetary services.

Miflow login page

If you have any problem in login on Miflow web page, then you can easily login Miflow by following the steps mentioned below.

Step-1. First of all, open Chrome browser in mobile and search on Google by typing ‘Miflow’.

Step-2. After this, many websites will appear in front of you, but you will have to open the ‘https://miflow.ltferp.com/mficollections/’ website at the top.

Step-3. Now you will see the Login page in which you have to fill your Login Details like- Login ID, Password.

Step-4. After that the option of Domain will appear which will be already felt, leave it as it is and click on the button of Log In.

Step-5. You will be successfully logged into the Miflow portal as soon as you click on the Log In button.

Miflow L&T Micro Finance

L&T Finance is imparting small mortgage to girls for dwelling or beginning any business. The quantity of this mortgage is round 45000 which mortgage quantity is accessible to each and every female for 24 months.

Information about getting micro finance loan

  • Your age should be minimum 20 years and maximum 60 years, if your age is 20-60 then you can join this portal.
  • You can take a loan for a maximum period of 2 years only.
  • Miflow L&T Microfinance is only for women, men cannot participate in it.
  • In this portal, you can get the maximum loan amount up to 45 thousand.
  • The interest amount of this loan is 1%.
  • You do not need any kind of security to take a loan from this portal.

To know more about this portal visit this website https://www.ltfs.com.

Miflow Document Criteria

  • Here you have to show your monthly income to take loan, here you can be asked for bank statement.
  • In Documents, you may need Voter ID, Ration cards, Aadhar card, MGNREGA cards etc.
  • Your age should be between 20 to 60.


Q : What is the full form of MERC?

Ans : “Micro Finance Collection Repository”

Q : What is the official website of Mi-Flow?

Ans : official website of Mi-Flow is “https://miflow.ltferp.com/mficollections/”.

Q : Who is the parent company of the Miflow portal?

Ans : L&T Finance Limited

Q : Can I sign up for new account on Mi-Flow?

Ans : No

Q : How to log in to the Miflow Portal?

Ans : You can login to the Miflow portal by visiting its official website.

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