What is Share Market in India

Share Market : You  have often heard the name of the share market many times, many people say that a lot of money can be earned from the share market, if you also want to invest in the share market, then you should first know what the share market  is . Before investing money in the market, we should know ourselves what is the share market and how it works.

At present, many people want to invest money on the stock market, but due to lack of proper knowledge about it, they retreat. For your information, let us tell you that “Share” is an English language word which means “Part” in English. And this stock market works on the principle of this share. 

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is considered to be India’s largest stock exchange, it was started in 1875 as India’s first stock exchange as well as India’s second stock exchange National stock exchange of India (NSE) which started in 1992 . 

Share Market

Come, through this post,  what is share (Share Market in India)  and how people earn money from it, we will share the information related to it in this post. 

What is Share – What is Share Market in English

Stock market or share market is a place where people buy and sell stocks. Stocks are the shares we own in a company, by which we are involved in the incorporation of that company, the stock has a margin in the stock market, which determines the value of that stock.

If told in simple language, as you know that the share market is also known as the stock market, which simply means a share, that is, a share in a company can be called a share. 

For example, feel that shares well worth Rs two lakh have been issued via any corporation in the market, in which a man or woman buys shares well worth Rs 1 lakh, then that individual will come to be a shareholder of 50% of that company, displaying the share of the corporation in the share market. Is.

Any individual can purchase and promote any time after shopping for shares, there is no restrict in this, any organization in the world desires cash to pass ahead and anybody is aware of that there are mostly three methods to earn money.

Firstly, if you have cash then you can make investments cash through yourself, secondly you ask a huge investor to make investments cash in your enterprise and the 0.33 way is public funding i.e. agency takes cash from any frequent man i.e. preliminary public provides Is.

Common humans purchase these which are referred to as IPU and end up small shareholders of the company, after which when that organization is benefited, they additionally get income and when the corporation is in loss, they additionally go through loss.

How Share Market Works

Suppose the price of a company is Rs 3 crores and it takes out shares worth Rs 3 lakhs, then the share price will be Rs 100. If you buy 20 shares of that company, you will become the owner of Rs 2,000. It is going to be of 6 crores in the coming time.

So the charge of that 20 shares will expand from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 i.e. its double and if the fee of that business enterprise turns into three crores to 1.5 crores then the rate of your 20 shares will go from Rs 2000 to Rs a thousand In this state of affairs you will have loss.

How many types of share are there 

There is no such calculation, there can be many types of stock, but stock can be divided mainly into three forms, which are as follows. 

  • Common Shares: –  In this, any person can buy and sell the shares at any time, these are common shares. 
  • Bonus Shares  : –  There is a chance of making more profit in such shares, in which the company gives the company’s share to its holders in exchange of money, which is called bonus share.
  •  Preferred Shares: –  This type of share is specially for a few people, when a company needs money, then the company wants to raise money from the market, then it shares it, it will give it only to certain people, such as Such shares of staff, employees etc. working in that company are considered safe. 

How to buy share

To purchase any type of shares, you have two alternatives whether or not you favor to buy shares with the aid of your self or take the assist of a broker, if you take the assist of a broker, then you will first have to open an account referred to as Demate Account. You can open it thru your broker.

There are many benefits of shopping for shares with a broker, such as, you will have ease in shopping for shares, you will get entire data about the inventory market and you will get education etc. Brokers take their share from the earnings of your stocks.

There are solely two inventory exchanges in India, the NSE and the 2d BSE , the agencies that are current in them can solely purchase or promote shares.

If you favor to make investments cash in the inventory market, then you can open your account in the bargain broking “ Zerodha ” , in which you can purchase shares very without problems by means of opening a Demate account.

How to earn profit from Share Market

If you choose to make profit, then you ought to purchase shares of such a corporation which does no longer go into loss, for this you have to recognize about that company, what variety of enterprise it is, whether or not it has existence in future or not. The product of that enterprise is going to run amongst the human beings in the proper way, questioning about all the things, you ought to make investments your money.

The best thing about share market

The fantastic issue in the inventory market is that you can promote your shares each time you want, however you can withdraw a lot of money, that is, if you sense that the organisation is going to make losses, then you can withdraw your cash by using promoting your shares.

When does the price of shares increase in the Share Market?

The rate of shares of any employer will increase when the variety of humans who purchase it increases, this is the rule of the inventory market, when the demand for some thing increases, then the charge of that element additionally will increase with it, and when the demand for some thing increases. If it does no longer manifest then its charge decreases and humans get geared up to promote it at a decrease price.

Where to learn Share Marketing

It is stated that there is no understanding except a teacher, any one else is wanted to examine anything, in accordance to us, you can begin your experience with Motilal Oswal Investment Service due to the fact it has 30 years of experience, from 10 lakhs Even extra customers, all the really helpful movies associated to inventory advertising and marketing and aside from all this, a private consultant will additionally be available.


Q: What is share?

Ans: Share market or stock market is a place where people buy and sell stocks. Stocks are our shares in a company, by which we participate in the corporation of that company. There is a margin of stock in the stock market, which determines the value of that stock.

Q: What happens when the stock market falls

Ans: Due to fall in the stock, the share price of the company decreases.

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